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What We've Learned about:

How a Tree Grows
In the this section, we discussed the following terms:

* Seedling
* Crown
* Trunk
* Roots
* Photosynthesis
* Bark
* Cambium
* Inner bark
* Wood

We also talked about the following concepts:

* All trees grow in pretty much the same way.

* Tree crowns grow taller so the tree can get enough sunlight.

* Tree trunks grow wider to support the size of the tree.

* Tree roots grow longer so the tree can get enough water and nutrients.

* New growth on roots and twigs occurs at the ends.

* Cambium cells, located between the bark and the wood multiply to make new bark and wood.

Well, that sums up our How A Tree Grows lesson. Next we will be taking a look at wood in the first part of "Wood Parts and Anatomy".

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