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Renewable Natural Resources
Why Wood and Wood Products are a Good Choice!

What Have We Learned about Trees and Wood as a Renewable Natural Resource?

In the this section, we discussed the following terms:

* Renewable natural resource
* Non-renewable resource
* Solar power
* Hydroelectric power
* Manage (as in manage resources)

We also talked about the following concepts:

* Wood is a natural renewable resource.
* There are many natural renewable resources.
* Natural renewable resources are renewable only if they are managed properly.
* Natural renewable resources can be turned into energy that we can use.
* One day, we will run out of non-renewable resources and have to find alternatives.
* Beyond being a renewable resource, trees and forests provide food and homes for many kinds of life.

Well, that sums up our renewable natural resources lesson. Next we will be taking a look at what makes flexibility of wood in "Rock Stars".

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