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Why are ants, bees, and cockroaches closely related to termites?

* All of these insects are social insects. They take special care of each other within their family or colony.

* Termites are similar to cockroaches because they both lay their eggs, and have similar body parts.

* Termites contain a microorganism in their bellies, allowing them to digest wood; unlike ants and other insects.

* Termites have only one partner (husband or wife) throughout their life. They are very faithful to one another. Because of this, they have a very large, integrated family, whom all work together.

You've seen ants before, and probably seen flying ants as well. Termites are often mistaken for flying ants. Below is a picture of a termite and a picture of a flying ant. Which one do you think is the termite?

Can you see the differences?

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