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Check your home for termites.

Where to look
What to look for.
What to do!
Sunny window sill
Many dead termites
Show then to mom and dad, then vacuum them up!
Wood pile located near the house
Check that they are not crawling on the house
Have mom or dad raise the pile off the ground and move the pile 18 inches away from the house, while you clean up the dead leaves that are gathered under the wood pile or between the pile and the house.

Basement or garage (dark, damp areas-look high and low!)

Look for mud "tunnels" or shelter tubes that the termite uses to crawl and work in.

Immediately show mom and dad the shelter tubes and tell them they need to call the exterminator!

There are several kinds of termites in the United States. Next we will discuss how you can determine which kind of termite is most likely in your area.

Termites in the USA

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