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Termites in the USA.

Where do you live? Determine what termite may be in your area!
Termopsidae or rottenwood termites

* Located in various places out West.
* Largest termites in North America.
* Do not live in the in the ground.
* Nest in rotten wood, creating large galleries
Kalotermitidae or drywood and dampwood termites

* Located mostly in Florida.
* Nest in damp or dry wood, creating galleries and eating all debris in the way.
* Able to live under arid, or dry, conditions.
* Often distributed in furniture or other wooden materials, making them difficult pests.
Rhinotermitidae or subterranean termites

* Located throughout the USA.
* Live mostly in the ground, sometimes above ground if it is humid
* Make shelter tubes of soil materials, mixed with saliva and fecal matter
* Eat wood by following the grain and eat the earlywood first.
Termitidae or higher termites

* Located mostly in Arizona and California.
* Have a bacteria in their bellies rather than a micro-organism
* Comprise three quarters of all described termite species
* Often eat plant litter, grass, and dung, along with wood
* Considered mostly harmless, and not known to cause structural damage.

Termite Families

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