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What Have We learned About Termites

In the this section, we talked about the following terms:

* social insects
* microorganism
* shelter tubes
* galleries
* workers
* soldiers
* reproductives
* queen
* nymphs
* moults
* alates
* dealates
* swarm
* scanning electron microscope

We also discussed four kinds of termites:

* Termopsidae
* Kalotermitidae
* Rhinotermitidae
* Termitidae

We also talked about the following concepts:

* Ants, bees, cockroaches are closely related to termites.

* Termites are social insects.

* Termites have a microorganism in their bellies which allows them to digest wood.

* Termites only have one partner throughout their life.

* Termites are often mistaken for flying ants.

* All termites eat wood.

* If termites are in your home, they could eat up the wood that supports your home!

* Termites can be found in many places around your home like sunny window sills, wood piles, and damp dark places.

* There are four kinds of termites commonly found in the United States.

* Termites have large families, each of whom have specific chores.

* Termite queens can produce thousands of eggs in a day and can be up to ten centimeters in length!

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