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Trees are great!
Plant a Tree!

Tree Planting Tips:

Here are some tips to use and share when planting trees!

* It's best to plant trees in the early spring. This gives the tree a chance to grow new roots before the summer (trees need lots of roots for water in the summer).

* Dig the hole for the tree 2-3 times wider than the roots. This gives the roots lots of room to spread out.

* Don't dig the hole any deeper than the roots. Otherwise, the tree's base will get too wet when it rains.

* Water your tree thoroughly once a week.

* Cover the ground underneath the tree with 4-6 inches of mulch. The mulch will keep the ground from getting too hot or cold, reduce weeds, and keep more water for the tree!

Happy planting!

Now, let's take a look at some

Amazing Tree and Wood Facts!

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