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Trees are great!
Plant a Tree!
Amazing Tree and Wood Facts!

Trees and wood are amazing! Here are some fun facts you might not have known!

* The oldest known tree in the U.S. is a Western Juniper in California that's 4000 years old!
source: American Forests

* The largest tree in the U.S. is a Giant sequoia in Sequoia National Park, California. This tree has a girth of 998 inches and is 275 feet tall!
source: American Forests

* In the U.S., there are about 747,000,000 acres of forested land -- that's about a third of the U.S.!
source: American Forest and Paper Association

* A wooden pencil can write about 45,000 words, or draw a line about 35 miles long!
source: The Pencil Pages

* The average person in the U.S. uses about 1600 pounds of wood every year!
source: Wisconsin Paper Council

* A healthy, mature tree has about 200,000 leaves!
source: Wisconsin Paper Council

* A cord of wood (a stack of logs 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet) could yield: 2700 daily newspapers; 4,300,000 postage stamps; or 7,500,000 toothpicks!
source: Wisconsin Paper Council

Well, that about covers our "Trees are Great" section. Next we're going to take a look at some critters that love wood so much they could just eat it up !

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