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Tree and Wood Identification
Wood Cookie Mobile

You can make a wood cookie mobile out of old CD's and yarn! It's a really easy and fun project that can show you several different kinds of wood!

What you'll need:

* Print-outs of Wood Cookies
* Old CDs. You can use as many as you like. I used 3 for this mobile. If you don't have any old CDs, you can use cardboard or an empty cereal box. Just trace a CD on them, cut them out, and get an adult to help you punch a hole through the center.
* Yarn or String
* A Stick
* Glue
* Sand paper
* Ruler (optional)


1. Pick out some wood cookies and print them out. Click here to look at the cookies. Print one page for each CD you plan to use in your mobile.

2. Cut out the pictures of the wood cookies.

3. Cut a piece of yarn or string for hanging the mobile (for this mobile, I cut a piece about 30 inches long, but you can cut any length you like).

4. Tie a piece of string onto both ends of your stick, as shown. You will use this to hang your mobile!

5. Then cut one piece of yarn for each CD you want to use. I cut three pieces of yarn in different lengths so the wood cookies would hang down at different levels. (I cut the pieces 15, 17, and 20 inches long, but you can cut different lengths).

6. Sand the CDs with the sandpaper. If you don't sand them, the glue won't stick for very long. Sand them really well, so the CD is very rough. Note: If you're using cardboard or cereal box, you won't need to sand them because glue already sticks to them easily!

7. Tie the CDs onto the shorter pieces of yarn. (Don't use the long piece you cut for hanging the mobile.) Put the piece of yarn through the hole in the middle of the CD and tie it so the knot is on the outside edge of the CD.

8. Glue the wood cookiess you cut out onto the CDs. Put one wood cookie on each side.

9. Now you have wood cookies on strings! Let these dry for a few minutes. Then tie your wood cookies on strings to the hanging part of your mobile.

10. When you finish tying all your wood cookies on, you've finished
your wood cookie mobile! Hang it up and enjoy!

Wood Cookie Pictures

Wood Identification Summary.

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