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Tree and Wood Identification
What Have We Learned about Identifying Trees and Wood?

In the this section, we talked about the following kinds of wood:

* Black walnut
* Red oak
* White pine
* Black cherry
* Red maple

We also discussed the following terms:

* Tree
* Leaves
* Bark
* Wood
* Lobes
* Sinuses
* Rays
* Vessels
* Needles
* Fascicles
* Rings
* Resin canals

We also talked about the following concepts:

* Different woods are good for different things.

* Woods can be identified by looking at the tree it came from or the leaves and bark of the tree it came from.

* Wood can also be identified by magnifying it and looking for familiar characteristics.

For more on identifying trees, visit the Basics of Tree ID, a service of the dendrology folks within the College of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech.

Well, that sums up our tree and wood identification lesson. Next we will learn about how wood can processed into many different "Wood Products"

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