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Wood Products
How Wood is Processed
What Have We Learned about Plywood?

In the this section, we talked about the following terms:

* Plywood
* Sheathing
* Sheets (as in sheets of plywood)
* Veneer
* Grain
* Stiffness

We also talked about the following concepts:

* Plywood is mainly used in the construction of homes and buildings.

* Plywood is like a grilled cheese sandwich; the veneer is like bread, and the glue is like the cheese.

* Plywood is strong because we alternate the layers of veneer when we are making it so that the wood grain runs in opposing directions.

Well, that sums up our plywood lesson. Next we will learn about paper. Be carefull! You may have "Wet Elbows" by the end of this lesson!

Yea! Wet Elbows!

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