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Wood Products
How Wood is Processed

Paper is another one of the most common uses of wood. Think of all the ways we use paper everyday - newspapers, grocery bags, books, the paper we write on, cardboard boxes... the list goes on and on! Just look at the picture below to see some of the most common uses of paper we see everyday!

Paper was invented in China about 2000 years ago! Even though it's been around for that long, it was a long time before people around the world started making paper.

Before there was paper, people used different things for recording words. For example, the ancient Sumerians used clay tablets! Not nearly convenient as paper - can you imagine how heavy a "book" made from clay tablets would be?!

Another good thing about paper is that it can be recycled! The fibers that make up paper can be used over and over!

How is paper made?

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