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Wood Products
How Wood is Processed

Making particleboard has many steps, but it’s not hard to understand!

First, The first step in making particleboard is to get together a good and uniform mix of wood particles to use. You want to have a mix of different species and different wood dryness.

Second, the particles are prepared. They may need to be cut into smaller pieces, ground up or cut in a similar shape.

Third, the wood particles are dried. If they're not dry, the glue won't stick as well (you've probably seen how hard it is to glue wet stuff before).

Fourth, a glue mixture is sprayed onto the particles and mixed in well. By the way, the glue doesn't cover all the particles - the glue is so strong, it only has to be sprayed on!

Fifth, a mat is made out of the particles. Usually, the mat is made by pouring the glue and particle mixture onto a moving belt to a set width.

Sixth, the moving belt then takes the mat to a special press. This press presses the particles very close together and heats up the mat. The heat makes the glue stick better. The particleboard mat is pressed for a couple of minutes.

When the press opens, the particleboard is just about finished! After being cooled and sanded, you have particleboard!

Particleboard Summary

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