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Wood Products
How Wood is Processed
What Have We Learned about Boards?

In the this section, we talked about the following terms:

* sawmill
* lumber
* pallets
* grade
* log yard
* debarker deck
* log loader/turner
* primary breakdown
* carriage
* band saw
* cants
* secondary breakdown
* edged
* edger saws
* gang saws
* trimmer saws
* tally sheets
* green chain
* dry kilns

We also talked about the following concepts:

* Boards are made from tree trunks.

* We use boards to make lots of things, including the houses we live in, furniture, musical instruments, and pallets.

* Most everything that we see and use every day has been shipped on a pallet.

* Boards are made at a sawmill.

* There's lots of different equipment at a sawmill!

* All the leftovers from making boards are used somewhere! Most frequently the residue is chipped and sold.

Well, that sums up our boards lesson. Next we will learn about plywood.

What's plywood?

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