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Wood Products
How Wood is Processed

Making plywood has many steps, but it's an easy process to understand!

First, the logs are heated. Usually the logs are soaked in a bath of hot water. Soaking logs softens up the wood and makes it easier to peel.

Second, the logs are peeled into thin sheets of veneer. Imagine peeling the skin off of a potato -- only keep peeling until the potato is gone!

Third, the veneer is clipped, or cut into sheets the correct length and width.

Fourth, the sheets of veneer are dried. Warm air is blown onto the veneer sheets.

Fifth, glue is applied to the veneer. Usually, the veneer is on a moving belt underneath a box of glue. The box has a slit in the bottom, so glue falls down in a sheet onto the veneer. In this way, the veneer sheets are coated with glue!

Finally, the sheets of veneer are layered and pressed together in a large press machine. The machine not only presses the veneer layers together very tightly, but it also heats the glue so it melts and sticks the layers together very well!

When it comes out of the machine, you've got a finished sheet of plywood!

Make your own "wood" sandwich!
Well, ok, it's just a grilled cheese sandwich... but you get the idea!

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