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Wood Parts and Anatomy

Taking a Look at Wood
Bark is the first part of a tree that you see. It's the stuff that's on the outside of the wood.

You can click on the various pictures on this page to take a closer look!

Suprisingly, bark is not actually wood! Even though bark is not wood, it is a very important part of the tree, and deserves to be discussed in this section.

Bark does a number of important jobs for trees, but its main job is to protect the wood underneath! Bark is a tree's suit of armor!

Bark also prevents the wood from being scorched if there is a forest fire.

Bark can be thick or thin, it can be rough or smooth, light or dark, some bark even peels! Click on these pictures of hackberry and ash bark, and take a closer look!

Let's take a break, now, and and review what we've learned so far about Wood

Parts and Anatomy.

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