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Standards of Learning

Our Wood Magic Show will include the following Standards of Learning (SOL) areas:





Computation and Estimation:
4.5 "the student will estimate whole-number sums and differences and describe the methods of estimates"
4.6 "the student will add and subtract whole numbers"

4.10 a) "the student will estimate and Measure weight/masss, susing actual measuring devices"
4.11 a) "the student will estimate and measure length, using actual measuring devices..."

Proability and Statistics:
4.19 a) "the student will predict the likelihood of outcomes of a simple event"
4.19 b) "the student will determine thep robability of a given event using concrete materials"


Scientific Investigation, Reasoning and Logic:
4.1 b) "the student will plan and conduct investigations in which hypotheses are formulated basesd on cause and effect relationships"
4.1 d) "the student will plan and conduct investigations in which appropriate instruments are slected to measure linear distance, volume, mass, and temperature.
4.1 h) "the student will plan and conduct investiations in which predictions are amade based on data"

Life Process:
4.4 "the student will investigate and understand plat anatomy and life processes. the Key concepts include:
a) the structures of typical plants
c) photosynthesis
d) dormancy"

Living systems:
4.5 "the student will investigate and understand how plants and animals in an ecosysteminteract with one another and the nonliving environment. Key concepts include:
a) behavioral and structural adaptations
d) habitats and niches
f) influence of human activity on ecosystems"

4.8 "the student will investigate and understand important Virginia natural resources. Key concepts include:
a) watershed and water resources
b) animals and plants
d) forests, soil, and land"



Computation and Estimation:
5.3 "the student will create and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, using paper and pencil, estimation, mental computation, and calculators."

5.11 "the student will choose an appropriate measuring device and unit of measure to solve problems invoving measurment of:
a) length
b) weight/mass"

Probability and Statistics
5.17 "the student will
a) predict the probability of outcomes of simple experiments"


Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
5.1 "the student will plan and conduct investigations in which
b) estimations of length, mass, and volume are made
c) appropriate instruments are selected and used for making quantitative observations of length , mass, volume and elapsed time
d) accurate measurments are made using basic tools
f) predictions are made using patterns
h) an understanding of the nature of science is developed and reformed"

5.4 "the student will investigate and understand that matter is anything that has mass, takes up space, and occurs as a solid, liquid or gas. Key concepts include:
a) atoms, elements molecules and compounds"

Living systems
5.5 "the student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of cells and distinguishing characteristics. Key concepts include
a) basic cell structure and functions
c) vascular and nonvascular plants"

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